How to play Earthborne Rangers on Tabletop Simulator (TTS)

As of December 2022, there is a new updated official Earthborne Rangers TTS demo

Step 1: Get Tabletop Simulator

This is an easy one! Well, maybe not for your wallet. You can find the program here.

Tabletop Simulator’s MSRP is $20, but it is constantly on sale for $10. Whether that sale is directly on the Steam storefront or elsewhere, make sure you do some due diligence by Googling “Tabletop Simulator sale” before buying it.

You could also sift through a deals aggregate site like Slickdeals.

Step 2: Load the Earthborne Rangers mod

All you need to do is log into your Steam account and hit “subscribe” on the mod page. It will automatically incorporate with the Tabletop Simulator program.

After loading up Tabletop Simulator, press “Create” and look for the mod in the main menu of the workshop. A giant digital table will load.

Step 3: Learn how to navigate the mod

Take a look at the image above to see where everything is located (here’s a higher resolution version). The player mats are super helpful and provide actual in-game terms for several mechanics as well.

You can click and drag everything to suit your needs, or grab items out of the pouches by clicking on them and flicking the contents out of the bag. This is how you’ll get extra tokens.

If you want, you can create your own player deck using the cards available, but the mod comes with premade 30-card Tinkerer and Pathfinder decks.

In case it gets jumbled, here are the starter decks for Tinkerer and Pathfinder.

Step 4: Make the path deck

For the purposes of this demo mod (which is not the full game or a full representation of the core set), you’ll want to follow this demo guide. It’ll walk you through the premade mission (on the fourth day of a campaign) and give you some context.

The demo is actually already mostly teed up for this, you just need to shuffle the Waterfront and White Sky path cards together to form a 15 card path deck. Grab them from the right, put them in a pile at the top where it says “path” on the top mat, and press R rapidly to shuffle them.

Keeping the rule document handy will help you as well. Alternatively, you can click on the “notebook” icon at the very top (above the table in the game’s menu) to locate the rulebook and the demo guide. These are in Google Doc form. Our above links are converted to PDFs.

Press “R” to shuffle the challenge deck, your player deck, and the path deck, and “F” to flip the cards so that they are facedown and you cannot see them (if they aren’t already). To take cards off of a pile, “flick” them quickly off of the deck. To move the whole pile, deliberately click and hold. Flicking is how you’ll “draw” cards.

Step 5: Import the rulebooks

So you’re going to have an easier time if you import the official campaign guide and rulebooks into your game. You have two options: upload them yourself, or use our uploads. If you want to do the latter, skip to the “Go into the Earthborne Rangers mod” italicized red text paragraph below.

To upload them yourself, download the PDFs from the links above in Step 4 from Hall of Rangers: you’ll need those files as PDFs, not the Google Docs provided by EBG. Then, click on the “modding [hammer and wrench icon]-> cloud manager” section in the main menu above.

Next, click the small upload arrow [pointing up] to the right of the search bar. Upload the two PDFs, and make a note of their URLs (you can left click to copy them, and paste them into a browser, or a notepad).

Go into the Earthborne Rangers mod. Click “objects” on the top menu, then go to components -> custom -> custom PDF. Place the PDF on the table. Then, when it asks for the PDF file, enter the uploaded URL.

Or, use these by right-clicking then copying the URLs/addresses to the right (Sample 1 | Sample 2), which will save you a step as you don’t have to upload them yourself. If these URLs do not work, you can always follow the above instructions. Done! Your rulebooks are now generated and you can flip through the pages.

After they’re in there, you can right click the individual books (or highlight both) to “save object,” and you can import them at any point into any mod (including updates the creators may make). Or, you can simply save your mod instance, and every time you load it, it will load the rulebooks (note that this save will not incorporate new versions/updates). Pressing + or – will resize the book to your liking.

If the rulebooks are already there/have been added by Earthborne Games at a later date, use this process to import updated/revised rulebooks into the mod.

Step 6: Play

Follow the setup instructions, play through your turn, then flick a card off of the path deck for a path activation, and flick a card off the challenge deck for a challenge test.

Some of the most useful commands are:

  • Left/right-click: Add or remove a digit from a counter.
  • Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V: Copy and paste a bag or object. Useful for when you want token bags in each player’s play area to save time.
  • 1-9: Deal yourself that many cards off the highlighted deck.
  • Q or E: Tilt cards like you would be exhausting them in real life. Also useful for slotting in cards when they roll off of the encounter deck vertically. For the best results, change the “degree” symbol at the top right of the screen to 90 degrees (90°).
  • L: “Lock” an item so that it doesn’t fly around if you accidentally grab it.
  • G: “Group” items together. Useful for selecting several stacks of cards and making them all one pile.
  • F: Flip cards when they need to be revealed, or need to be face down.
  • R: Shuffle a deck. Works with both player and encounter decks. You can mash R to rapidly shuffle cards for fun.
  • + or -: Make something bigger or smaller (useful to scale cards to the size of your liking). If the numpad + and – keys aren’t working, try them on the numerical row above your QWERTY lettered section.
  • Tab: Point at something on the table, useful for multiplayer when you’re talking out a turn. You can also hold tab to draw a line with the ruler tool to further make your point.
  • Alt: Make an object appear bigger for a moment on-screen. Useful for reading detailed cards you may not have memorized yet.
  • Save game: Click on “games” (the dice icon) at the top of the screen, then press save and load. Then press “create” and save your game with as many descriptors as possible so you remember it.

Need more help? You can watch this tutorial video by One Stop Co-op Shop, which is based on the same demo you’re playing now on TTS.

Prior versions of the mod

For these files, you simply need to copy the .json and save image into documents/my games/Tabletop Simulator/Saves and load the save in the program. These are preserved raw files of the TTS mod.

Version 1.0 (August, 2021)

Community member Davi has also made an improved version of the TTS mod with extra enhancements. You can access it here, just load the “.json” save file provided. Instructions for how to do that are here.

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